Sustainable displays for forest regeneration

Our passion for craftsmanship with a Green Heart

Amici Atos' commitment to the environment goes hand in hand with the creation of high-quality, sustainable displays. We are carpenters with a Green Heart, because we are committed not only to excellent craftsmanship but also to a demanding environmental ethic.

We only use wood that is sourced from certified forests. This not only guarantees the quality of our products, but also actively contributes to the reforestation cycle, ensuring that every tree felled is replaced by a new one. Our commitment is rooted in building a better future, caring for the environment and reducing our ecological footprint.

Join us in the green revolution!

Sustainable solutions: a perfect combination of quality and ecology

Each of our sustainable displays features an interlocking design: a solution that simplifies assembly and is environmentally friendly. How? Our interlocking displays can be quickly assembled without the need for screws or environmentally harmful glue. An environmentally friendly choice capable of revolutionising the approach to industrial production.

At a time when sustainability is crucial, choosing solutions that reduce environmental impact is a responsible choice. A choice whose relevance is increased by optimising transport.

Certified birch: choose environmentally friendly quality

Certified birch wood is at the heart of our wooden displays. Sourced from sustainably managed forests, this material not only offers a smooth surface and mechanical stability, but is also environmentally friendly.

Choosing certified birch wood means making a conscious and active contribution to protecting the environment: a commitment that Amici Atos makes by using production processes that are geared towards sustainability.

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