Passionate about carpentry in Ravenna since 1899

A family history of woodworking

In the heart of Romagna, the art of woodworking has been practised at the Amici Atos carpentry workshop for five generations. Our passion for wood took root more than a century ago and has grown over the decades into a tradition passed down from one generation to the next.

It all began in the early 1900s, when Amici Atos started making tools and objects from wood. Through the times, we have prospered among the carpenters of Ravenna, specialising in garden furniture and interior furniture. Then we conquered the nautical sector by collaborating with prestigious Italian shipyards.

Five generations of carpenters, one passion

The story told by our family photos

Our carpentry heritage can be seen in our family photos. A passion for wood passed down from father to son, and in the 1970s we took a path that would make us a leading company in the nautical sector as well.

The fourth generation combined craftsmanship and modern technology to guarantee high-quality products at costs and timescales typical of industrial production: a bridge between classic Italian style and technological innovation.

When you choose us, you are choosing a tradition of excellence that is reflected in every detail of our products. Welcome to our home, where wood meets the heritage of generations.

All the chapters of our history

The first known carpenter of the Amici family was Luigi Amici, who worked in the nearby village of San Pietro in Vincoli in the second half of the 19th century.

Pietro Amici, nicknamed Piret, founded the Amici carpentry workshop in 1899, initially in a rented shed, and thus began the first generation of Amici carpenters.

Pietro had the original building built in Carraie and moved his business there.  Initially, various types of furniture and tools were made there. In 1916, Pietro's son Giordano joined him in the business, followed by his grandson Atos in 1952.

Atos Amici, the third generation of carpenters, took the company to a new level by registering it as a sole proprietorship called Falegnameria Amici Atos.

The carpentry workshop started to work for the nautical sector, making wooden structures for inflatable boats. Becoming a leader in furniture production in the decades to come.

As the company grew, it became necessary to inaugurate the first industrial building, built in the fields behind the original building where it all began.

Daniele Amici and Ombretta Amici, the fourth generation of carpenters, joined the company, ready to take the business even further.

The company entered the garden furniture sector, which soon became the mainstay of the business, overtaking the manufacture of furniture, doors, windows and staircases for the home.

The second industrial building, adjacent to the first, was inaugurated. This expansion will allow an increase in productivity and the arrival of the first CNC pantograph in 2005.

A new production segment emerged: interlocking displays. In addition to the nautical sector, it would gradually replace garden furniture until it became a fundamental part of Amici Atos production.

The increase in work related to interlocking displays led to the purchase of a second large CNC pantograph.

The company's second location, in Campiano, was inaugurated. At the same time, a digital printing machine and a cardboard cutter were acquired.

Alessandro Amici and Marco Dalla Bella, the fifth generation of carpenters, joined the company.

Handcrafted carpentry: more than shelves

Our mission: a commitment to quality and respect for the environment

We continue our work as carpenters, going beyond the creation of simple shelves. We turn our products into real stages that showcase the true stars: your products.

Over 15 years ago, we began industrially producing wooden displays, combining craftsmanship with environmental awareness. This approach also characterises our production for the nautical sector, where we aim to create products that fully espouse the concepts of quality, elegance, precision and beauty.

Leading Italian carpenters

Our vision: growing in Italy and beyond

Our commitment to woodworking has led us to a single goal: to become a leader in the production of interlocking displays for the best Italian and international brands.

This vision has inspired us to broaden our horizons to include shipyards, thus consolidating the prestige of Amici Atos as a symbol of excellence.

On this journey, we will welcome new talent into the time-honoured craft of carpentry, preserving a tradition that is in danger of disappearing.

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