Exceptional nautical carpentry

Discover how our finely crafted wood products sail the seas

From the harmony of wood to the harmony of the sea: In 1976, Amici Atos entered the world of nautical carpentry in Ravenna, giving concrete form to the emotions of sailing.

From a family whose history is deeply engraved in wood, a new way of experiencing the sea in typical Italian style. We specialise in customised furnishing solutions, backed by our experience working alongside leading Italian shipyards.

Tradition and innovation come together in a harmonious blend where craftsmanship meets technological precision. We create products of exclusive design, capable of interpreting every expression of style, furnishing prestigious environments such as luxury vessels. This combination of expertise and a passion for wood, handed down through five generations, makes Amici Atos a partner capable of meeting the needs and standards of luxury nautical furnishings.

Customised furnishings for vessels

Your custom design gets underway with style, functionality and elegance

Amici Atos offers the best in nautical carpentry in Ravenna, with customised solutions that turn every personal space into an expression of style, especially on luxury vessels.

A choice of the finest woods allows you to define the essence that best suits your style. Once the material has been selected, we create complete furnishing solutions based on the customer's specific requirements and to the highest quality standards.

From furniture to accessories, up to interior and exterior finishes, Amici Atos interprets functionality and design with balance, allowing you to experience the sea with elegance and freedom.

Precision and functionality, even when at sea

The best of traditional craftsmanship to create customised furnishings for vessels that combine comfort and elegance: kitchens, tables, cabinets, without neglecting interior and exterior finishes, taking care of every little detail.

Our nautical carpentry workshop integrates advanced technological skills to design systems to meet every need, while complying with the highest standards of quality.

We give shape to your projects before they get underway



We always start from a fixed point: your ideas. We listen to your needs in order to carefully assess them.


Project development

Once the project has been defined, we proceed with its development, starting with a thorough analysis of the technical drawing in order to work out the production steps and prepare the quotation. Once we have received your approval, we can proceed to the third stage.



Involves a number of processes, from cutting the blocks and panels to processing, sizing, sanding and finishing them. All of this is carried out under constant and thorough quality control.


Assembly and packing

Carried out in full compliance with quality and safety standards. The final stage is assembly and packing, carried out in full compliance with quality and safety standards.


Quality Control

Present at every stage, from project development to delivery, to ensure the highest standard of work.



After assembly and packing, delivery is made to the various shipyards.

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